It is in the dangerous caverns of those waterfalls that he found his own dark spots. It kept burning him all the while in the years of his life that he lead so far. Yet. The very same cold water that was flowing calmed him into the serene vast blue sky above.

It’s not sunny always here. But it is still the best place to be. Coz when it rains from above I become more still and cold as if the fire inside me had never existed in the first place.

Those words had its own aura in it. It spoke of the life that I could relate with in so many ways. In that moment, I knew that this is what I would be taking with me of him; nothing more than that.


Another life connected to her. She saw those deep set eyes and the blackness in it. In that moment, those very blackness nearly petrified her in the place. Yet. She couldn’t help herself to look intently back at the picture that lay open near her foot.

I know this feeling. You aren’t alone.

I got caught off guard at that. What she said was clearly the truth quite visible in those blue eyes and quivering voice. But I felt she was too young to experience any of that. I couldn’t let her stay anymore to make her feel sad like this; coz the twinkle in those eyes was meant for seeing the sun. All the while I knew it was going to be harder to say goodbye.


“I am not going to say goodbye.”


“Coz I am going to come back to you and ask many questions. I need to know so many things. Afterall, I promised to write a story on you.”

She winked at him and hugged him, while he stayed there unable to comprehend why on earth would someone even consider to write about him. He wasn’t a hero. He was just another man filled with conflicting emotions of grey and red.

The trees flashing in a blur gave her the much needed escape. She kept sketching the very same waterfall that only made more sense with all those words she had remembered to scribble in her diary. At the same time, she knew that she would be returning soon to those caverns. Only thing that remained undecided was whether it was his grey or red emotion that she craved to find her own answer and the point of story.

PC :: Tazang Rubu


Every drop of rain reminded me of you; and every memory that came with it was just another excuse to not fall in love again.. Coz when I said, “I am only yours, darling!” I had meant it. It never was mere words.

PS – Posting after a long time. Getting back to blogging again. Love for words and blog.

PC::Koj Hassang

Another Dawn!

​Ping! Another message. But this time there was something that made her have a look. One glance and everything flooded back in her mind.

“Soft breeze caress my face
Ice cold yet tantalizing every pore of my skin
Hovering clouds called out
Music played its own game of love
A smile..
A few words here and there..
And pilot of our ship..”

Raspy voice of his had always lingered on her mind. Damaged done. Damaged borne. Yet she still kept the souvenir gifted by him safely in her purse. He was always by her side in a way.

“I don’t use any social networking sites nor any phone these days.”

Yet both met again through Facebook.

“Remember me?”

Of course she remembered him well. She could never forget him. He had always been one of a kind.

“Tale never ends..
Tale lives forever..
Her smile..
His words..
And some in-between..

Long talks..
Some hidden memories..
Some hidden meanings..
Some minutes of their life..
And another promise..

Same care lingering..
Intense maturity masking well..
And choices same yet different..”

Another night gone. Another dawn awaited.

Story that was never meant to be!

‘We are meant to be’

I believed in every letter of those words. Engraved it deep within me. I let the red rule my world. I promised myself to smile and love throughout.


I stay stranded today again in this void. Empty arms. Cold hugs filled up my lungs again. Looking out for love that never was mine. Life shows again it’s tragedy.

..romance always has a little pint of tragedy..

Wearing that same old weary smile I let the sunlight stroke my hair. I keep my held high. I walk alone breathing those cold air and letting those dark dreams subside until twilight.

Every twilight now smeared with another old story to be re-read. Story that was never meant to be!

Our own blissful heaven!

Everytime you touch me..

It sends shiver down my spine..

That blazing love flows again..

Everytime you call me baby..

I feel a little vulnerable yet a lot stronger..

And the love leaves behind blushes..

Everytime you say ‘that’s my girl!’

It makes me feel proud of myself, you and us..

And our love shines in a way like never before..

Coz Darling..

Holding your hand and walking miles..

Creating the never ending imperfectly perfect memories..

Head held high..

Spring blooms again for us..

And with you..

It’s another beautiful beginning..

It’s another beautiful tale..

It’s what we call.. our own blissful heaven!

Baby & Darling!

​The last rays of sun displayed a myriad of emotions on her face. She had revisited her past again. Laying her heart and soul bare to a man who was still a little stranger to her. She believed again that love wasn’t made for her. Next to her, the stranger couldn’t help himself falling in love with her. His knees got weak every time her words struck a chord with his heart beat. In that moment, he knew the destiny have played its card well.

A hand for support.

A smile for unspoken words.

A gesture for time lapse.

A silent for a pause.
And the ever changing colour of in-between.
The dancing sunrays and rain,

A rainbow it seems.
Meeting and union,

Orange dusk, tinted blue sky and shadowed mountains.
There was unsaid care that lifted the veil.

The path appeared oh! so clear.
An imperfectly perfect evening!

The next day she boarded the sumo to go to another town. She was yet unaware about the feelings. But a smile lingered on whenever the breeze caressed her cheeks and she remembered how he had held her hand and she had felt home at that moment. She opened her phone and rechecked the message. He had said he would miss her there. She smiled internally because even she knew that she would miss his company too.

The day with the usual chores was now tainted with missing her now and then. Everything seem to be happening at the speed of lightning bolt for him. Yet he wanted to dip in every feeling of it. It was very raw in its form but it was unmistakeably there in his heart. He was in love again after all these years of being single. But the more he tries to see pass her she brought out a whole new persona.

That night as they chatted for a long time her heart melted little more for him. But she decided to let him know what was her world like. So, she wrote another poem again. It was dark but it had a gravity of truth in it.
You see,

I have a burnt and disfigured heart,

I have a dark soul,

I feed on the greys and blues.

Can I tell you a secret?

A secret that always was there for the one.
Are you the one?

My own knight in a shining armour,

My soul’s another piece of body,

Coz I have been waiting for you.
I can lay my soul bare,

I can put my guards down,

Coz you see,

I still have a child inside.

She still loves wholeheartedly.

She still believes in fairy tales.

And maybe,

Just waiting for that one hand to hold;

Just to fly once again.

Coz she has a dream:

A dream to be her,

Yet be the one for him – the one!
Coz you see,

I don’t wish to be your first,

I don’t wish to be your last,

I just want to be The One!

He was scared yet he could find that she was vulnerable too. He had made the decision a long time back without even his own knowledge. He wanted to be the one. 

“Will you marry me?”

She was surprised. She was shock. But she believed that it was a joke. He let it be a joke for now. The feelings swing from one end to the other and he kept moving along. He kept updating a little more about himself to her and at the same time tried to delve more into her heart. Guarded though she was yet she wasn’t unwilling anymore to let him peep inside her heart.


23 days later..

She was upset because the demons inside her made her grumpy with him. She was upset because she couldn’t string the words together to make things easier with him. She was upset of all because she was unappreciative of the love that he was showering on her.

He was fighting his own demons too. The life he had lead so far wasn’t that easy to be shaken off for something new. But he was willing to trade it too. He loves her and he knew that she loves him too. They just needed some time together and a little discussion to sort out everything.

She finally managed to tame her demon and reached out to him. She asked him out.


They sat watching the sun setting in the far horizon. Another twilight they were spending together. But first Valentine day that they have as a couple after he expressed his feelings to her one fine morning message 24 days back on the phone.

“I love you, baby!”

“I love you, darling!”

She pulled his nose and kiss his cheeks. She smiles at him and sang another poem that she had written long time back for him.


Blues comes once a while.

Oh! it comes in its own shade

And it comes in different faces.

She drifts off in it at times.

But know this:

She has a stitched heart still,

Damaged yet beating;

Beating and loving only you.

Spring is around the corner;

Hold her hand and take her along,

Coz love blossoms when you are with her,

She knows it now.

Every moment that is being etched,

Every twilight with its warm,

Warm that keeps her alive

Making her love you more.

Red, yellow flowers tantalize.

Smile that it brings in,

She sees it clear now.

Time taken yet made beautiful,

Ah! Hands entwined to each other,

Head leaned on your shoulder,

Another twilight of her life.

Yet this time eyes brim with love like never before!

He took her hand and kissed it one last time as they head down the hill to his car. It was time to go home. This valentine would be forever engraved in their life just like the other one though at that moment none of them knew what lay ahead for them. But both of them knew that their love is profound and all it need was proper love and care and all the world’s time.

Darkness engulfed everything yet the last amber, their love shines like a tiny ball of fire. Hands entwined and an occasional kiss sealed their fate. Spring bloomed again in their garden of soul.

I love You!

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​Tracing that lips of yours..

Looking straight into the eyes..
Warm spreads on my cheeks..
Thousand butterflies plays havoc..
Your hands hold me close..
A smile betrays my feelings..
Yet another smile adorns your face..
Time stops in that moment..
Fragrance of yours enveloping me..
Sways me in that melody..
A song of love..
A song of serenity..
A song of bliss..
And a song of life..
Like those colourful rainbows..
That you have filled my life with..
You winked at me knowingly..
As I whisper,
“I love You!
Will you be mine?
Coz darling, we are meant to be.. forever!”